top level domain .xxx for adult content

Adult movie sites will have their own .xxx top level domain. This was decided on 25 June by the international domain name organisation ICANN. ICM Registry will be the registry of this .xxx domain. The first .xxx site may be on aire by the end of the year. Proposals for a separate tld for ‘explicit content’ had been denied twice before: some members of the ICANN board were not feeling too confident with the idea. These feelings have now been left behind. Interested parties can reserve a domain name with ICM Registry, that claims to have already received 110,000 reservations.

According to ICM Registry the .xxx tld is not only handy for porn entrepreneurs. People who wish to limit access to porn content will be able to do that more efficiently. However it is not expected that adult movies will be banned from other top level domains. Well known adult content sites will not let go of their goodwill so easily. Read the ICANN press release here.

Maarten Haak

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