#WINNING – Sarah Arayess wins the Wim Mak BMM Award

Great news! Our colleague Sarah Arayess was awarded the Wim Mak BMM Award today. Sarah receives this prestigious recognition for her article on food law and trade marks.

The Wim Mak BMM Award was established by the Benelux Association for Trademark and Design Law (BMM). The prize is presented during the yearly autumn meeting of the BMM, and is awarded to the person that has made the most remarkable contribution to trademark or desgn law with an article or lecture.

Sarah, congrats!

Sarah specializes in advertising law, food law and the rules and regulations applicable to cosmetics, non-food consumer goods and health products (Health, Beauty & Food Law). Sarah advises on advertising (B2B and B2C), labelling and product introductions of foodstuffs, food supplements, medical devices and cosmetics. She furthermore coordinates (international) recalls of food products and non-food consumer goods, including the contact with the Netherlands Food Safety Authority (NVWA).

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