2019-11-19 | Packaging margarine ‘Eat Plants. Not Palm please’ is misleading

The Flower Farm misleads consumers by saying on its margarine packaging that palm oil destroys tropical rainforest. Furthermore, The Flower Farm is not allowed to say in its TVC that Orangutans are eradicated by palm oil. The Flower Farm’s call that consumers can save up to 30 m2 of rainforest per family by buying and […] Read more

2019-09-16 | ECJ AMS Neve/Heritage Audio: place infringement online ads = place where the target group is located

A company elsewhere in the EU uses your EU trade mark in an online advertisement without permission. The advertisement is aimed at the Dutch public. As a Dutch trade mark owner, can you bring the infringer before a Dutch court? The Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) provided the answer in its judgment […] Read more

2019-09-13 | What about nitrous oxide in advertising?

Nitrous oxide is a hot topic at the moment. The street is dotted with cartridges and balloons. Many municipalities have already banned party drugs at certain events and locations. In Amsterdam there is now a real “laughing-gas king” who, with his company, Ufogas, advertises on billboards for laughing-gas balloons. The increasing use of nitrous oxide […] Read more

2019-09-13 | All Rembrandts in the Rijksmuseum?

All of Rembrandt’s works of art collected in one museum? It can’t be. Everybody knows that, right? Nevertheless, the enormous banner “ALL THE REMBRANDTS UNTIL 10 JUNE 2019” on the facade of the Rijksmuseum gave a visitor the illusion that this utopia had become reality. It turned out that the exhibition contains only the works […] Read more

2019-09-12 | Advertising | IP | Food Law | Hoogenraad & Haak, The Netherlands, September 2019

The September edition of our quarterly Advertising | IP | Food Law news is out! Curious what the specialists at Hoogenraad & Haak have noticed in the world of advertising, intellectual property and food law? Then do read on. Please feel free to send us feedback – much appreciated! You can find our quarterly update here. Would you like to learn […] Read more

2019-08-19 | Dual quality marketing: news from Europe

New European rules will be introduced for the marketing of dual quality products: products of the same brand and with the same packaging, but with a different quality per Member State. Are the rules getting stricter, or will it turn out better than expected? Earlier we mentioned the upcoming amendments to the Unfair Commercial Practices […] Read more

2019-07-16 | Discount on EVERYTHING!*

“Up to 30% discount on everything*”, “DISCOUNT ON THE ENTIRE SITE*, be quick!”. They are familiar slogans on websites, in mailboxes and on leaflets. Does the use of the words “everything” and “ENTIRE” mean that there is actually a discount on everything, or is it still possible to make exceptions? The Advertising Code Committee (RCC) […] Read more

2019-05-20 | Rutte’s “vase” was an advertisement, but who did it come from?

The recognizability of advertisements is often a point of discussion. For example, brochures on fire safety or the number of burglaries in the neighborhood turn out to be advertisement for smoke detectors and alarm systems. This kind of “informative advertising” is quite common and in the end it is often clear which company is trying […] Read more

2019-04-11 | Influencer’s own opinion? No disclosure required

Fortunately, it is now clear: when an influencer is being very positive about a product, but the producer of the product has nothing to do with that influencer (the producer did not pay for the positive post, neither is the product sampled), such a positive post falls under the freedom of speech while the strict […] Read more

2019-03-13 | Child idols banned

Every parent knows the situation: your child wants to buy certain cookies, with the Minions pictured on the packaging, or Dora The Explorer. The Stop Unhealthy Food Marketing to Kids Coalition could not stand it any longer and it is about to change. For a while, there has been regulations on advertising for foodstuffs: they […] Read more