2019-05-27 | Adaptation of European advertising rules – higher fines, new rules of misrepresentation

News from Europe: on 17 April 2019 the European Parliament voted to amend the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive. Most important change: much higher maximum fines for among others misleading advertising. The European Unfair Commercial Practices Directive is the basis for European and Dutch legislation on, among other things, misleading advertising. The 2005 Directive is now […] Read more

2019-05-20 | Rutte’s “vase” was an advertisement, but who did it come from?

The recognizability of advertisements is often a point of discussion. For example, brochures on fire safety or the number of burglaries in the neighborhood turn out to be advertisement for smoke detectors and alarm systems. This kind of “informative advertising” is quite common and in the end it is often clear which company is trying […] Read more

2019-04-11 | Influencer’s own opinion? No disclosure required

Fortunately, it is now clear: when an influencer is being very positive about a product, but the producer of the product has nothing to do with that influencer (the producer did not pay for the positive post, neither is the product sampled), such a positive post falls under the freedom of speech while the strict […] Read more

2019-03-13 | Child idols banned

Every parent knows the situation: your child wants to buy certain cookies, with the Minions pictured on the packaging, or Dora The Explorer. The Stop Unhealthy Food Marketing to Kids Coalition could not stand it any longer and it is about to change. For a while, there has been regulations on advertising for foodstuffs: they […] Read more

2018-11-28 | Making the earth happier…

A brochure for a sustainable solar boiler contains an environmental claim. In summertime, the solar panels heat the solar boiler. For the winter months, a log fire helps to heat the water in the solar boiler, reducing gas consumption by 70%. The brochure’s text is enthusiastic, with a quip: “This makes the whole Dutch environment, even the […] Read more

2018-10-08 | PR agency receives high fine for violation of advertising ban for medicines

In the Netherlands, it is prohibited to advertise medicines to the general public. The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport enforces strictly and imposes fines up to EUR 450.000 for each violation. A recent judgement proves that this fine cannot only be imposed on the manufacturer, but also on the PR agency that acts in the […] Read more

2018-10-02 | The perfect actor(s) for the job?

The Shawshank Redemption without Morgan Freeman, Forrest Gump without Tom Hanks, both inconceivable. In most movies there is only one perfect man or woman for the job. However, this is different in the world of theater. It is not unusual that instead of the acclaimed Tony Award winner, you get to see a so called alternate in […] Read more

2018-10-01 | (Surreptitious) advertisement for a medication

The Dutch Advertising Code Committee (Reclame Code Commissie, RCC), received a complaint about communications in a brochure and on the website of the Stichting Bewegen Zonder Pijn (SBZP). The communications referred to a specific combination of ingredients. They seemed to be purely informative. But according to pharmaceutical industry association Neprofarm, they actually involved surreptitious advertising, partly originating […] Read more