2009-03-05 | Dutch Advertising Code Committee: “Nuclear energy is not clean”

The youngest Electricity supplier on the Dutch market, Atoomstroom, promotes that its nuclear energy is clean energy, free of CO2 and non-subsidized. According to Greenpeace, this is misleading. Greenpeace submitted a complaint at the Dutch Advertising Code Committee and was partially proved right. Atoomstroom can not longer claim that its energy is clean. This is […] Read more

2009-01-16 | Stunting with Björn Borg boxer shorts

Kruidvat launched a nationwide price action with Björn Borg boxershorts with a discount from € 21.95 to € 14.99. Unfortunately, the public urged to the Kruidvat in vain. This is a misleading trade practice. Why? The Board of Appeal considered that Kruidvat distributed 6 million copies of their advertising leaflet. The Björn Borg boxers were […] Read more

2008-12-19 | Starting January 1st: no more alcohol commercials between 6.00 am and 9.00 pm

Last Tuesday the legislative proposal amending the Dutch Media Act (Mediawet) was discussed by the Dutch Senate. Tuesday 23 December this proposal the will be voted on. For the advertising industry the proposal is important, as it introduces a ban on alcohol commercials between 6:00 and 21.00 hours. The broadcasting of alcohol adverts on radio […] Read more

2008-10-03 | Johma free-range egg salad: What’s in a name?

The name “free-range egg salad” is the appropriate name for a meal size-salad with free-range eggs as the main ingredient. According to the environmental protest organisation ‘Wakker Dier’ this name is misleading because the sauce of this salad contains ordinary eggs from caged chickens. The Advertising Standard Autority judged, in a well motivated decision, that […] Read more

2008-06-15 | O2: No trademark action against comparitive advertising!

The die was cast. Trademark owners have been limited in their possibilities to call upon their trademarks, when attacking comparitive advertising. For example, the clear use of a competitor’s device or a variant of a slogan can no longer be stopped by the trademark owner by calling on trademark rights. On 12 June the ECJ […] Read more

2008-04-03 | Antispam rules could block news (Netherlands privacy)

Opinion in the Dutch national financial newspaper Financieele Dagblad of 3 April 2008 The amended Dutch Telecommunications Act that was recently discussed in the Dutch parliament, will cause an earthquake in the pr industry in the Netherlands. Sending electronic messages with a commercial, ideal or charitable meaning to companies will be prohibited, if no prior […] Read more

2008-02-25 | New Commercial Code: deception and dishonest trade

Brussels issues ever more regulations. Recently the do’s and don’ts in advertising are defined on a European level. Misleading trade practices are prohibited, as well as dishonest trading practices. A ‘blacklist’ of trading practices which are unacceptable in all circumstances is recently been made up, such as advertising offers while the product is not in […] Read more