2018-04-19 | Spring is in the air, and so are we in 2018 – Legal 500, Chambers and WTR 1000

Spring is in the air. The birds start chirping, mother nature flourishes and the new law firm rankings are published. Chambers, Legal 500 and WTR1000 researched the market and concluded their findings in the spring rankings. Only the best make it into these lists and we are proud to be named several times this year. […] Read more

2018-02-02 | Sustainable for people, animals and the environment

The ‘Doe Maar Lekker Duurzaam‘ (‘Just Go Sustainable’) campaign calls on consumers to buy sustainable products more often. It’s a collaboration among the Dutch National Postcode Lottery, Albert Heijn and Unilever. Albert Heijn’s TV commercial says that anyone playing the National Postcode Lottery can exchange a gift card for sustainable products on sale at Albert […] Read more

2018-02-01 | The plant-based ‘dairy’ variations of Alpro: soya becomes dairy?

The (plant-based) dairy industry is still keeping minds occupied. The European Court of Justice held last summer that the protected terms ‘milk’, ‘yoghurt’ or ‘cream’ could not be used as the name or designation of a non-dairy product. Since then, the name ‘soya milk’ has been a no-go. But how does this stack up if […] Read more

2018-01-16 | Whole grain cereals

Quaker Oatmeal Granola with 94% whole grain cereals. Sounds good, right? When a consumer inspects the list of ingredients on the back of the packaging she finds the product only contains 63% of whole grain cereals. The other ingredients are mostly sweeteners. It follows from the nutrition declaration that the product contains twice as much […] Read more

2018-01-15 | Misleading muesli packaging

The expectation of a product that advertisements cause vs reality. A hot topic for disappointed complaining consumers at the Dutch Advertising Code Committee (RCC). After the too large soup balls swimming in a too thick soup from Unox and Mona’s Limoncello pudding without limoncello there is a complaint about Van Mooks’ muesli with raisins and […] Read more

2017-12-22 | Cornbread or bread with corn? Jumbo’s honest approach

“And the winner of the Foodwatch Gouden Windei  is……” Jumbo Goudeerlijk (‘Gold honest’) cornbread. Each year, Foodwatch nominates products it considers to be misleading. The public choice of the most misleading product wins the Gouden Windei (Golden Wind Egg). This ‘honour’ was shared by Jumbo. Foodwatch said it was because “the Goudeerlijk cornbread contains virtually […] Read more

2017-10-03 | Tofu milk can’t be called milk!

What’s in a name? Some years back, the dairy industry did a lot of lobbying in Brussels. Dairy names like milk, cheese and butter are protected designations. Milk may only be called milk if it is obtained from the udders of an animal: hence cows’ milk, goats’ milk and camels’ milk. But what impact does […] Read more