2017-07-21 | Car advertising and fuel consumption: new strict decision by the ACC

On the basis of EU law, it is mandatory to provide fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures in some types of advertisements for passenger cars. This information is meant to help consumers making their choice, keeping both costs and environmental considerations in mind. These fuel usage and CO2 emission figures are established in European laboratories, […] Read more

2017-07-21 | ACM in action part II: gigantic fines to Corendon remain

A while ago, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) warned the automobile sector for incorrectly displaying car prizes. Shortly before that, the ACM had already addressed the travel industry. The ACM imposed two gigantic fines to the travel agency Corendon of a total amount of € 350.000. Recently, the District Court of Rotterdam […] Read more

2017-07-04 | The sugar monster must be curbed, even to the detriment of Dextro Energy

The sportsmen and women among us often carry Dextro Energy: the glucose tablets are known to make a contribution to the muscles. The EFSA has also scientifically acknowledged this; the EFSA has given the green light to five health claims for glucose submitted by Dextro GmbH. The next step is approval of the claims by […] Read more

2017-07-03 | VMT: Food law event – tips and tricks for influencer marketing

On June 20th 2017, the VMT food law event took place in the flashy Miele Experience Center in Vianen. The event is much visited by all stakeholders from the food industry. During the plenary morning program, Ebba Hoogenraad provided tips and tricks on the use of influencers in food marketing. The legal side of this […] Read more

2017-07-03 | Foodwatch clashes with supermarkets over ‘juice’

A drink, from a legal standpoint, is only fruit juice if it consists of 100% fruit juice, with nothing added. Fruit drinks that consist only partly of juice are therefore not allowed to be called ‘juice’. Yet, in their online shops, supermarkets use the term ‘juice’ for the general category of fruit drinks. Is that […] Read more