2012-09-04 | Third Party Trademark Use in Non Commercial Publications

Do you know the advertising campaign by Greenpeace Netherlands to keep Shell from the Arctic? In all these expressions the trademark of Shell is used. Today Richard Smith wrote about how difficult it can be for a proprietor to stop such use of a trademark. This kind of  use is everyday business. Smith cites Maarten Haak, […] Read more

2009-09-22 | AdWord use of trademarks not infringing, Google not liable

Today Attorney-General Poiares Maduro published his advice to the ECJ in the famous cases between Google and (a.o.) Louis Vuitton. LVMH had sued Google, because Google allowed third parties to use LOUIS VUITTON as AdWord. The AdWords linked to sites on which infringing bags and other luxury goods were being sold, and to sites of […] Read more

2008-06-26 | Website liable for ‘user generated content’?

Opinion by Maarten Haak in the national Dutch financial newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad of 26 June 2008. Websites containing ‘user generated content’ could be (co) liable for trademark or copyright infringements in that content. Good news for the right owners! A French trader used ‘fake Louis Vuitton’ as Google Adwords – a clear infringement of […] Read more