2009-09-06 | Are LEGO blocks protected in the Netherlands?

The patent for the well known LEGO blocks has expired. Could any now produce and sell these blocks? LEGO is involved in several proceedings in many countries, also in the Netherlands. Its competitor Mega brands entered the Dutch market with comparable blocks, only using a different colour. LEGO argued that only using different colours is […] Read more

2009-07-03 | Copyrights belong to client?

Copyright on drawings and designs that are intended to be produced and sold on a commercial scale automatically belongs to the client, unless other arrangements have been made with the designer. This is the outcome of a recent ruling of the Amsterdam Court. A remarkable outcome, because until recently everyone thought that the client only […] Read more

2008-02-24 | Wilders, Marlboro and the International Socialists (Dutch portrait law)

Opinion by Maarten Haak in MarketingTribune of 26 February 2008 So much attention for the posters of the International Socialists: the heading of Dutch politician Geert Wilders on a Marlboro package. “EXTREMIST”- “Causes serious damage”. Wilders’ position already received attention in the prior issue of MarketingTribune, but what about the position of the owner of […] Read more

2008-02-15 | Comparative advertising: more use of trade marks?

Opinion Advocate General of ECJ in O2 v. Hutchison of 31 January 2008 Good news for advertisers. If the European Court follows the advice of the Advocate General, this means more possibilities to use a competitor’s trade mark in comparative advertising. It would be no matter of discussion anymore whether a correct comparative advertisement could […] Read more