2017-10-02 | Illegal for a citizen to use a mayor’s domain name

A man living in Bodegraven-Reeuwijk had been at loggerheads with his municipality for years. For convenience, let’s call him Pete; we don’t know his real name. Pete was angry with, amongst others, the mayor of the Bodegraven-Reeuwijk municipality because of changes to a zoning plan. He registered the domain name and expressed his dissatisfaction […] Read more

2017-06-28 | Oil company OK does not have rights to < > domain name

For years, Gaos B.V. has owned the domain name < >: a beautifully pithy domain name which it hopes to put to good use in the future. For example, a positive website full of descriptions of beautiful things: there is already so much negativity in the world. It’s just that Gaos’ director hasn’t had […] Read more

2015-10-15 | Marks with a reputation on the up again

A trademark which is known in a substantial part of the EU by a significant part of the public has the status of a trademark having a reputation in the European Union. We know so since the Pago case of 2009. Take for instance our national pride Mora – an iconic mark in the finger […] Read more

2011-04-04 | / descriptive trade names

Trade names that consist solely of descriptive elements: how does that work again? The District Court of Groningen confirmed what we already knew for some time: there is little scope for protection if such a descriptive trade name has not acquired disctinctiveness due to long-term use (like Ebay’s affiliate, meaning ‘market place’) or demonstrates […] Read more

2010-06-29 | top level domain .xxx for adult content

Adult movie sites will have their own .xxx top level domain. This was decided on 25 June by the international domain name organisation ICANN. ICM Registry will be the registry of this .xxx domain. The first .xxx site may be on aire by the end of the year. Proposals for a separate tld for ‘explicit […] Read more

2009-12-11 | .eu domain names: also in Chinese and Greek

Since today .eu domain names are also available in other letters than the normal (Latin) alphabet. EURid, the .eu top level domain registrar, from now on accepts any possible letters, including Greek, Japanese, Chinese and Cyrillic characters. EURid has now followed the decision by unbrella organisation ICANN about Internationalised Domain Names (IDN). The new characters […] Read more