2017-09-28 | Child-rearing tips from SIRE: opinions can (and do) differ!

In July, at around the same time as Dutch Railways announced its gender-neutral public announcement policy, the much discussed SIRE commercial was shown on TV. ‘Let boys be real boys again’ is its message. The two media announcements seemed to express contradictory positions on a hot topic in society – so gossip around the coffee […] Read more


Alberto Stegeman shows in his program ‘Undercover in Nederland’ the Dutch all kinds of misdemeanors in the Netherlands. He frequently uses a hidden camera. It has often occurred that Stegeman’s ‘victim’ wanted broadcasting of such images to be banned. Recently, the topic of the program was the phenomenon ‘acquisitional fraud’. Therefore, Stegeman secretly filmed Mr X. X went to a company and wanted to […] Read more

2012-11-27 | Reputation management

It seems to be a real trend in the legal system: companies defending themselves before the Court against mudslinging on the Internet. Two recent examples.Interlocutory Court of The Hague 13 September 2012 (Clazing/X)For years, chicken slaughterhouse Clazing has been selling chickens that are slaughtered according to the Islamic halal method. X is a television maker, […] Read more

2012-10-24 | Pownews – The more provocative, the more margin

The District Court of Amsterdam ruled in favor of broadcaster Powned concerning a dispute between ex-Buma/Stemra-board member / music publisher Jochem Gerrits and Powned. Powned had claimed on its website and on its news program “Pownews” that Gerrits is corrupt. That allegation was based on a phone call between the authorized agent of composer Melchior […] Read more

2012-06-09 | Rutte doesn’t want to be a poster child for Dance Valley

Dance Valley (UDC) used advertising posters last April depicting Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Tickets for the dance festival could be purchased on an instalment plan – which is why the poster bore the text “Budget deficit? Pay in instalments!”. The poster was also a playful reference to Rutte’s visit to Dance Valley last year. Rutte […] Read more

2012-02-10 | Caroline II: Entertainment press – Government Information Service 1-1

Caroline von Hannover greatly values her privacy. The Princess of Monaco took action before the highest European court to ensure that her privacy would be better protected against paparazzi. In the ruling Caroline I, the European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that celebrities  may have a reasonable expectation of their privacy if they are […] Read more