2014-10-07 | The end of Facebook like-gate

Companies have been doing it all the time to increase their fan base: incentivising consumers to like their page on Facebook. The reward could be anything, from access to a movie about a celebrity  to the possibility to take part in a competition. From 5 November, however, Facebook no longer allows this. Pages on Facebook […] Read more

2014-07-11 | Dutch Government modernises gambling policy

Today the Dutch government agreed upon submitting a proposed Act on Distance Gambling  to the Dutch Parliament. Alongside the proposal, the Government also submitted an opinion on the future of the lottery and casino markets. The policy on gambling will be modernised in the following ways: 1. Online gambling will be regulated as of 2015.2. The […] Read more

2013-07-26 | New Code of Conduct for Promotional Games of Chance

The State Secretary for Security and Justice intends to tighten the Code of Conduct for Promotional Games of Chance (Code of Conduct). As it stands the new Code of Conduct will come into effect on 1 October 2013. For the time being without a transitional regime! The most important changes in the concept Code of […] Read more

2013-04-16 | Hoogenraad & Haak: Advertising Law Firm of the Year 2013

For the forth time in a row Hoogenraad & Haak has been awarded the title Advertising Law Firm of the Year in the Netherlands by the international magazine Corporate INTL. Ofcourse we are very proud of this fact. It does acknowledge the fact that our office holds a steady course. Each time we manage to choose well […] Read more

2010-07-08 | One year free electricity: not for everyone!

“We guarantee one year free electricity if the Netherlands become world champion”. The Dutch energy company ‘De Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij’ (NEM) is back in the news with a new campaign. Now it is not about complaints regarding famous Dutch people (Natasha Froger / Maurice de Hond) in its commercials. This time the Public Prosecutor has […] Read more

2009-10-26 | Jackpot € 27,5 million will fall guaranteed = not misleading

An ad which says that the jackpot “will fall” does not mean that the entire amount will be paid to the winner. The winner with a 1/5 lot gets ‘only’ 1/5 part. Yet that is not misleading according to the Board of Appeal. There is a textual difference between ‘fall’ and ‘pay out’. Consumers can […] Read more