2019-09-13 | All Rembrandts in the Rijksmuseum?

All of Rembrandt’s works of art collected in one museum? It can’t be. Everybody knows that, right? Nevertheless, the enormous banner “ALL THE REMBRANDTS UNTIL 10 JUNE 2019” on the facade of the Rijksmuseum gave a visitor the illusion that this utopia had become reality. It turned out that the exhibition contains only the works […] Read more

2019-08-19 | Dual quality marketing: news from Europe

New European rules will be introduced for the marketing of dual quality products: products of the same brand and with the same packaging, but with a different quality per Member State. Are the rules getting stricter, or will it turn out better than expected? Earlier we mentioned the upcoming amendments to the Unfair Commercial Practices […] Read more

2018-07-11 | Limited freedom for advertisements on the Five Freedoms

Corporate social responsibility is a hot topic. More and more, business proudly proclaim to be “responsible”, “climate neutral” and “green”. But not everyone is convinced of the sincerity of these claims. And so, Varkens in Nood, a Dutch organization that fights for the well-being of pigs, submitted complaints to the Dutch Advertising Code Committee (ACC) […] Read more

2018-06-01 | The best TV: mere puffery or objective claim?

“The most beautiful”, “the best tasting”, “the best there is”. These are all common claims in advertising. It is often fine to promote products by using superlatives. The consumer often understands them as mere puffery and does not take them literally. However, sometimes superlatives are understood as objective claims and do require hard evidence. But […] Read more

2017-07-21 | Car advertising and fuel consumption: new strict decision by the ACC

On the basis of EU law, it is mandatory to provide fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures in some types of advertisements for passenger cars. This information is meant to help consumers making their choice, keeping both costs and environmental considerations in mind. These fuel usage and CO2 emission figures are established in European laboratories, […] Read more

2016-06-09 | Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

The summer holidays are approaching – the time of year when the hum of last minute offers starts buzzing about your ears. Recently the Advertising Code Commission (ACC) (and in the Board of Appeal (BoA) made a ruling on a TV commercial from Sunweb: a couple in love ride on a scooter along a beautiful coastline. The person who […] Read more