2018-06-12 | EUR 150,000 for breach of Max’s portrait right – expensive joke or not?

On 6 September 2017, the District Court of Amsterdam had already held that Picnic using a Max Verstappen lookalike in an amusing freeriding clip just couldn’t pass go. The court offered Max the chance to substantiate his losses, which Picnic would have to pay. On 25 April 2018, the District Court of Amsterdam presented the […] Read more

2017-09-08 | Use of lookalike Max Verstappen violates portrait right

The Amsterdam District Court has ruled in favor of Max Verstappen in the proceedings against Picnic initiated by Max and his management. According to the court Picnic violated Max’s portrait right by using a lookalike of Max in a playful parody of one of Jumbo’s television commercials.   Earlier the Amsterdam District Court and the […] Read more

2015-04-22 | Submarine in a legal minefield? 4 tips for advertising through Periscope

Periscope is a smartphone app meant to set up a livestream from a smartphone with a buffer time of only two seconds. So now anyone can easily broadcast live to a global public. This provides ample opportunities to marketeers. A warning needs to be given: the law is everywhere – so also on Periscope. Hence: […] Read more

2013-08-02 | Johan Cruijff versus portrait law: 0 – 1

In 2003 publisher Tirion published the photo book ‘Johan Cruijff – De Ajacied’ which contained a collection of photos of the legendary number 14. Prior to publication, the publisher had negotiated with Cruijff about financial compensation, but the parties could not reach agreement. Tirion published the book anyway and El Salvador took them to court. […] Read more


Alberto Stegeman shows in his program ‘Undercover in Nederland’ the Dutch all kinds of misdemeanors in the Netherlands. He frequently uses a hidden camera. It has often occurred that Stegeman’s ‘victim’ wanted broadcasting of such images to be banned. Recently, the topic of the program was the phenomenon ‘acquisitional fraud’. Therefore, Stegeman secretly filmed Mr X. X went to a company and wanted to […] Read more

2012-06-09 | Rutte doesn’t want to be a poster child for Dance Valley

Dance Valley (UDC) used advertising posters last April depicting Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Tickets for the dance festival could be purchased on an instalment plan – which is why the poster bore the text “Budget deficit? Pay in instalments!”. The poster was also a playful reference to Rutte’s visit to Dance Valley last year. Rutte […] Read more

2012-02-10 | Caroline II: Entertainment press – Government Information Service 1-1

Caroline von Hannover greatly values her privacy. The Princess of Monaco took action before the highest European court to ensure that her privacy would be better protected against paparazzi. In the ruling Caroline I, the European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that celebrities  may have a reasonable expectation of their privacy if they are […] Read more