2019-09-13 | Viridis: a valid reason not to use the trademark?

A trademark owner must start using the trademark normally within five years after registration, otherwise the registration can be cancelled. This is a problem for Viridis Pharmaceutical, because the clinical trials for its medicine have not yet been completed. And so she can’t use its trademark VIRIDIS yet. Is this a valid reason for the […] Read more

2019-09-12 | Advertising | IP | Food Law | Hoogenraad & Haak, The Netherlands, September 2019

The September edition of our quarterly Advertising | IP | Food Law news is out! Curious what the specialists at Hoogenraad & Haak have noticed in the world of advertising, intellectual property and food law? Then do read on. Please feel free to send us feedback – much appreciated! You can find our quarterly update here. Would you like to learn […] Read more

2019-04-17 | Feared new copyright directive: a storm in a teacup?

It is not often that the passing of a new EU directive is considered world news, but you couldn’t have missed the passing of the new DSM directive. Large news websites and programs and countless blogs and vlogs discussed Article 17 (before: Article 13) and the so called “upload filter”. Supposedly, the new directive would […] Read more

2019-01-29 | Success for brand owners: from now on social media platforms such as Facebook may be required to actively take action against evidently sketchy advertisements for counterfeit goods

Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram contain more and more advertisements. Some of these advertisements come from parties that offer counterfeit goods according to a fixed pattern. Recently, the Preliminary Judge of the District Court of Amsterdam ruled that Facebook is acting unlawfully towards Tommy Hilfiger by allowing advertisements (which meet certain specific characteristics) promoting […] Read more

2018-11-29 | Don’t use a brand as a generic name

Shall we take an Uber (taxi)? That celebrity definitely used Botox (a toxin to treat facial wrinkles from Allergan Inc)! I gave my daughter a Barbie for her birthday (doll). It’s so easy for these terms to creep in. You come up with a new product or service, it’s a great success and, before you […] Read more

2018-11-28 | Mathijs Peijnenburg promoted to advocaat

Following a successful student internship at our office, Mathijs Peijnenburg has stayed on as a legal assistant with Hoogenraad & Haak. He has quickly made himself indispensable in that position. Mathijs will continue his career as an advocaat with our firm from 2019. He will be working across the full range of our practice areas. […] Read more

2018-11-14 | Menarini v Biofarma: high level of attention to trademark for painkillers

In trademark law, the public’s level of attention is often critical. For instance, when buying luxury products (cars or watches, say), the public generally pays more attention than when making everyday purchases in a supermarket (dishwasher tablets, lighters). This difference in levels of attention means that a risk of confusion is more likely to arise […] Read more

2018-10-01 | Gas-fuelled tabletop fireplace survives thanks to its wood-like veneer

Now that the days are gradually getting shorter and the temperature is dropping, people will be able to light their fireplaces more often. For those who do not have a fireplace, the gas-fuelled tabletop fireplace will be a wonderful addition to the home. And there is something for everyone here, because they are available in […] Read more

2018-09-28 | The Witte Wieven, everyone knows who they are!

The Witte Wieven (“Women in White”)…are mythical creatures. They are thought to be the spirits of wise female herbalists that remained on earth. They appear in epic stories, sometimes to help, sometimes to hinder. … the Witte Wieven are often referred to in connection with witches and ghosts.’ This is what the English version of Wikipedia has […] Read more

2018-09-27 | Wine grower Ilja Gort left empty-handed in fight against Dutch Tulip Vodka

Wine grower, writer, and television presenter Ilja Gort is the co-founder and owner of the Chateau de la Garde winery. One of the winery’s best-known and best-selling wines is ‘La Tulipe’, which graces the shelves of Albert Heijn supermarkets. Chateau de la Garde has multiple registrations for the word mark LA TULIPE. Last summer, De la […] Read more