2019-09-13 | Viridis: a valid reason not to use the trademark?

A trademark owner must start using the trademark normally within five years after registration, otherwise the registration can be cancelled. This is a problem for Viridis Pharmaceutical, because the clinical trials for its medicine have not yet been completed. And so she can’t use its trademark VIRIDIS yet. Is this a valid reason for the […] Read more

2019-09-12 | Copyright protection of ideas?

We get this a lot: you have a good idea for a book/app/film/game and you want to make sure that no one else takes your idea and runs with it. Is your idea or concept protected by copyright? The short answer is no. The protection offered by copyright is only intended for the so-called expression […] Read more

2018-11-30 | #WINNING – Sarah Arayess wins the Wim Mak BMM Award

Great news! Our colleague Sarah Arayess was awarded the Wim Mak BMM Award today. Sarah receives this prestigious recognition for her article on food law and trade marks. The Wim Mak BMM Award was established by the Benelux Association for Trademark and Design Law (BMM). The prize is presented during the yearly autumn meeting of the […] Read more

2017-10-02 | A family business’s trade name: the son then sets up his own firm. What happens next?

Recognise this situation? A family business has been running for a while under the family name. One of the sons then starts a similar business elsewhere on his own account, again using the family name in one way or another. So what should happen? In these cases, the departing son should make some distinction between […] Read more