2017-02-09 | Just because you hold a patent on a Dutch zwieback does not mean you have to grant licences

Tempels holds a patent on an indent, or nick, in zwiebacks, so that they can be removed from their tube-like packaging without breaking. Tempels signed exclusive licensing contracts with two producers (Bolletje and Van der Meulen). Haust also makes zwiebacks for the Dutch private label segment, but it does not have a licence. Haust asked the […] Read more

2011-11-25 | Service station(s) breach Dutch alcohol legislation

Five service stations decided to sell alcohol despite a legal ban. One of them has therefore been fined by the Dutch Food & Safety Authority. Receiving the fine was the goal that the association of service station owners (BETA) intended to reach. The association wishes to litigate at the European Court of Justice by using […] Read more

2010-02-04 | Dutch Consumers’ Association loses in summary proceedings against T-Mobile and Vodafone.

The Dutch Consumers’ Association lost its case in summary proceedings against T-Mobile and Vodafone. The providers do not misuse the invoicing system. The Consumers’ Association must publish a rectification. According to the Consumers’ Association T-Mobile and Vodafone act unlawful by misusing a reverse billing system. Without verifying the consent of the end-consumer the costs for […] Read more